Northern Kentucky CAC prepares children for educational success starting in kindergarten and continuing throughout their educational lives.  Through our nine centers serving Boone, Campbell, Kenton and Pendleton Counties we offer professional, affordable pre-kindergarten education, as well as fee-for-service day care at select centers.

Each of our centers has earned four or five stars from the Commonwealth of Kentucky’s STARS program  and use the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS) rating scale.

Classrooms are set up to meet the individual needs of each child, who benefit from comprehensive screening which includes:

  • Hearing, Vision, and Dental Assessments, Growth Assessments
  • Physical and Motor Skills Assessment
  • Speech Assessment
  • Language and Literacy Assessment

The students who enroll in our centers are given the Brigance Assessment to assess their current educational strengths and areas of focus.  They receive this assessment at the beginning and end of each year they participate in our Head Start program and their individual education path is partially determined by the results of the assessment.

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